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Skin Detox

Beauty Skin Detox For 2020

Giving your body, skin, hair & mind a detox every once in a while is more than a good idea. In 2020, try out these detox tips & tricks!

Starting out a new year is always super exciting, filled with high expectations, as well as the need to experiment. Every new year is a chapter which allows us to experiment with many different regimens. In January of 2020, try and do a little skin detox! By the end of the month, your skin will thank you!

Top 4 Detox Tips For Flawless Skin In 2020

A Purifying Mud Mask

A mud mask that is natural and organic is often filled with many nourishing ingredients. You can use any mud mask to clean out your pores as well as any impurities. You will easily decongest your skin and give it a clearer complexion. Use this mask once or twice a week.

Watch For Your Diet

For Skin Detox Watch-For-Your-Diet

Try to eat only healthy foods. The most common ingredient that breaks out our skin is sugar. Stay away from sugary drinks, chocolate, and think of incorporating a lot more protein into your diet. Eat carbs only once a week, and you’ll have a clearer complexion in no time! Also, remember that veggies are your friends!

Drink Water

Water is a must for your overall body & organ health, but it can also do wonders for your skin. Try and drink 2 liters every day for the entire January! Make this a challenge and keep your body hydrated for 30 days straight! Your skin will look glowy, rested, plump, and it will sink in all the creams, products, as well as makeup with ease by February!

Avoid Exfoliation

For Skin Detox  Avoid-Exfoliation

Women tend to exfoliate, a lot. However, your goal should be to stay away from any exfoliators since these can be too harsh on your skin, especially in the winter since our skin easily dries out. This is why it is crucial to keep it hydrated and to leave your outer layers intact. Exfoliate only 3-4 times in January, and notice your skin blossom in February!

Ready For Winter Skin Detox?

Your skin will change its texture in 30 days for sure! Make sure you follow all four of these detox rules and implement them to your everyday skincare routine.

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