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Spring Makeup

Spring Makeup Look

Learn how to do the perfect Spring Makeup by following three important rules! Here’s how to look good in the quickest time possible.

As the spring season is approaching everything is changing and people are experimenting with their makeup looks. Are you intrigued in switching up your look as well? If so, here’s what will be trending in 2020, and here are some recommendations that you may want to explore! 

The Perfect Spring Makeup For 2020 

Your Flawless Base 

Your Flawless Base

Your skin should be flawless as well as free of any impurities. Everyone is into porcelain complexions and you should emphasize the natural beauty with a trustworthy BB or CC cream. Apply this product with your fingers and make sure your skin has previously been moisturized. After the cream sinks in make sure you pack on a lot of blush! Some of the prettiest and most safe colors to go for are either pinks or peaches! Add either a cream or a powder. Creams will do wonders for drier skin types, but the powder is a must-have for oily skin types. Women with normal skin can use whichever they want. 

The Eyes 

Spring Makeup for the eyes

Eyes are the window to your soul, as you’ve probably heard it before. Make sure you make them pop with bright pink shadows in the inner corner, or over the eyelid. Add a soft brown over the crease and don’t forget 2-3 layers of your favorite waterproof mascara. Once everything blends in, add the inner corner highlight, as well as a brow bone highlight. It will add a youthful glow to your skin. 

Bright Lips 

Bright Lips

Lastly, finish off the look with juicy lips. We recommend adding a bright pink or a nude with a peachy undertone. Outline your lips with a shade that is 2 shades darker than the actual lipstick. Dab the lipstick in with your ring finger and finish off with a lip gloss if that’s something that you prefer. You can also go for a matte, just know that it will dry out your lips so be ready for that. 

Ready For Spring?

So, are you ready to experiment with Spring Makeup? Is this spring going to be memorable for you? If so, get your hair in a ponytail, make some time and use high-quality products and brushes to achieve the perfect look! Also, while you’re at it, look at these tips for flawless skin we know they will come in handy!

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