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Hair Shedding

Hair Shedding & Why Does It Happen

Are you tired of your hair shedding? A lot of women can experience unwanted hair loss at any point. Find out if it is normal, and what you should do about it.

Long hair looks shiny, healthy, and is a must-have for every woman! However, what happens once your hair starts to shed? Is it a normal type of shedding, or are you experiencing some excessive amount of hair loss? Keep on reading and fix your hair as of today!

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Hair May Be Shedding

Hormonal Changes Cause Hair Shedding

Hormonal Changes cause Hair Shedding

We tend to lose anywhere from 50-100 hairs per day, which is considered normal. However, once you lose more than 100 strands, you should see your dermatologist. Heavy hair loss can be triggered if you’ve just given birth, if you’re on some medication, or if you are experiencing hormonal changes.

Over Processing It

The most common reason why your hair may be shedding is because you are over-processing it. Are you constantly switching up your hair color? This time around, stay away from box dyes, as well as bleach. In 2-3 months, your hair should fully grow back in.

Too Much Heat Cause Hair Shedding

Too Much Heat cause Hair Shedding

High heat can damage your natural hair. Do you use blow dryers, hair straighteners, as well as curling wands every here and there? If so, give your hair some time out, and let it rest from all the heat. A natural air-drying method is a must-do in this case!

Change Of The Season

Our hair tends to shed during the Winter season, a lot. This is due to the impact of low temperatures that can affect our scalp, as well as our skin. You could experience some dried up flakes, as well as the loss of hair during colder seasons.

Brushing It + Using Hair Ties

Don’t over brush your hair! Also, stay away from elastics and hair ties. These ties can irritate your scalp, and cause your hair to shed around the hairline. Rather use hair clips or scrunchies and see how your hair grows back in.

Time To Nourish Your Hair!

Besides these 5 tips regarding hair shedding, we also advise eating healthy protein & biotin-based foods, as well as drinking 2-3 liters of water per day. Your hair will grow back in time, just make sure you are patient, and follow each of our steps!

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