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Stop Biting The Nails

How To Stop Biting The Nails: Top 5 Ways

Biting your nails has to be one of the worst habits that both men & women can do. If you want to stop biting the nails (or at least try) here’s how to do it!

Do you know that scientists believe that kids are more likely to bite their nails if they see their parents doing the same? So, although you can blame it on your parents, you can still prevent it from happening in the future! Some people bite their nails if they’re nervous, anxious, or when they are hungry. Are any of these reasons relatable to you? Either way, here’s how & why you should stop, for your own sake!

You May Feel Sick

Our hands are constantly covered in some germs. Stay away from putting your hands in your mouth since you don’t want to get sick.

Weird Shape

The nail itself may grow in a weird way since you can ruin its natural shape. This can be treated, but you should rather be safe than sorry.

How To Stop It?

Find Your Triggers

Find and work on your triggers

Finding what triggers you or makes you bite your nails should be on your go-to list. Once you think it through, eliminate the problem, and work on your triggers!

Cut Them

Cut your nails weekly and always keep them short. Also, stick to a natural round or oval shape since it is harder to chew on.

Wear Gloves

Wearing gloves to stop biting your nails

When wearing gloves, you are protecting your nails and you are making an additional layer which will stop you from ruining your manicure. This little trick can be super helpful and practical around the house.

Paint Them

Don’t to the typical nail polish. Instead, coat your nails with special polish, the one that is bitter, terrible, and disgusting to chew on! These are usually very salty, made with some medical-like ingredients etc.

Invest In Manicures

Doing manicure helps to stop biting your nails

Spending money and time on a manicure will make you feel bad about ruining it. Good looking nails, especially once done at a salon, will seek attention, and you won’t ruin them as quickly.

Clean Nails, Always!

Clean nails will look amazing and will help you look and feel better on a daily! If you are in need of some remedies that can help any age group, skin type, as well as gender achieve the perfect nails – make sure you follow all 5 of these tips on how to stop Biting the nails!

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