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How To Do A Slicked Back Wet Hair Look

A slicked-back hair look will suit women who like to party, and who love the seamless & sleek hair looks! Find out how to do this hairstyle now!

A slicked back wet hair look is a hairstyle that can work for any hair length, as well as any hair type! These cuts are beautiful & easy to do, as long as you have some typical hair products laying around the house. Keep on reading and figure out how to do this hairstyle for an upcoming party!

How To Do A Slicked Back Hair Look In 4 Steps

1. Prepare Your Hair

You should wash your hair with a shampoo & conditioner to boost its natural shine. Comb it out and dry your hair with your blow dryer, but try to keep it as straight as possible without creating any frizzy pieces.

2. Comb It Out

Use a wide-tooth comb for that structured look and comb it out backward. Make sure you comb out the side part and flatten the strands with your comb. In case you have bangs, you can comb them back with the rest of your hair, just stay persistent.

3. Add Gel

While your hair is pushed backward make sure you set it with your favorite hair gel. Use something that has a stronghold and gradually apply the product. Don’t apply a hefty amount right away. Warm the product up between your palms and work from roots to your ears.

PS: You can also add a touch of pomade, especially if your hair is naturally drier and harder to set in place.

4. Lock It In

Spritz your hair with hairspray that has a stronghold power. Spritz it, and also tease a bit with a teasing comb. Once as flat as you want it to be, add a bit of sea salt spray since it is an amazing texturizer for any hair types or lengths!

Ready For Flawless Hair?

Since now you know how to do a slicked back wet hair look, why not accompany it with the right makeup style? If you’re intrigued & you want to enjoy a flawless outcome, pair it up with a glitter makeup look! Here’s how to do it:

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