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Nude Lip Color

How To Get The Perfect Nude Lip Color

Wondering how to get the perfect nude lip color? Follow these simple four steps and embrace your nude ombre lip look as of today!

Applying a nude lip color can be tricky, believe it or not. The thing is, not a lot of women are aware of their skin tone color, as well as their undertones! Also, different shades of nude lipsticks will look unique on other skin tones. If you want to have the ultimate nude lip color look, here’s what you should know!

1. Prep Your Lips

Make sure you exfoliate your lips at least once a week! This will help with your lipstick application. Also, apply a lip balm before you apply any makeup on top. This will help with moisture & longevity of your lipsticks.

2. Choose The Right Shade

If your skin is cool-toned, a cool-toned lipstick will look better on you. If you have a golden undertone, go for a vibrant lipstick! In fact, women with yellow undertones will look the best with semi-orange and brown lipsticks. Women who are more so on the icy, pale & pink scale will look great with hints of pink or coral in their lipsticks!

3. Add A Darker Lip Pencil

Once you’ve figured out your ideal lip shade, make sure you outline your lips. Use a lip pencil that is one or two shades darker than your actual lipstick. This will create an illusion of fuller lips, and will give you that ombre effect!

4. Go For A Lighter Lipstick

In the center of your lips, apply your chosen shade. You can apply the product with your fingers since it will allow you to blend the two shades perfectly and with ease! Make sure you make slow tapping motions instead of swiping motions.

Optional: Apply a gloss on top

If you prefer a glossy look and you love to shine, add a pop of clear gloss on top! This is an amazing step for women who have naturally drier lips.

Ready For A Nude Lip?

This probably doesn’t seem too hard, and we encourage everyone to give it a go! Even rookies will easily get that perfect nude lippie! Also, why not treat yourself with some other tricks & figure out some new skills, such as how to a pedicure!

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