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Major Make-Up Lines For Each Sex Zero In On Skin Care

Men’s make-up has been around for generations. Kings in Egypt wore make-up as did Romans. Closer to our times, famous rock stars, actors, and male models. In the last few years, attention was focused on men who wore make-up.

Big brands (most of whom already had lines of make-up) began to enhance their lines, and vamp up the marketing funds to draw the attention of men who would benefit from make-up. It has been said, these brands consider themselves the leaders of the make-up revolution for men. They are:

  • Boy de Chanel – Chanel
  • Formen
  • Glossier (they are producing a gender-neutral product line)
  • HIMS – Skincare from the ground up
  • Tom Ford for men

The “theme” you will feel as you look through or try these products is a luxury product line with a very sexy appeal.

Note: these are just a small example. There are many more. Check with your make-up counter. You will probably find that they have the male make-up line as well.

We all want healthy and younger-looking skin. While women have been enjoying quality beauty products for decades, the market for men has only taken off or gone public in recent years.  Because makeup and products to enhance the skin have been primarily for women, they have no limit to the products designed for them. 

The men’s makeup market has ballooned into a billion-dollar industry. When it comes to fashion and beauty, gender discrimination is a thing of the past.

Are facial products the same for male and female customers?

Men and women have very different skin types and skin issues. Many things cause skin problems. Some of them are caused by various hormones. Men have fewer options for product lines for their skin.

Differences in male and female skin

  • Men produce more collagen than women. Collagen is a protein that promotes elasticity. It slows the signs of aging and helps skin, nails, and hair looking their best.
  • Men produce more facial hair than women. The facial hair helps the skin to feel tighter. Shaving the face makes the skin thicker. The act of shaving serves as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells.
  • Men battle ingrown hairs on the face more than women.
  • Women wear lotions with sunscreen before going out for the day. Men rarely do this which allows the sun to damage their skin.

Makeup and skincare products

Because of the differences in the skin of men and women, we need products that work with our bodies. Men’s makeup is specifically made for men. Men will use makeup to accent their features and camouflage problem areas. With proper application, he can make his jawline look stronger, or his lips fuller. He wants to keep his young and sexy look for as long as possible.

Women’s makeup tends to soften the skin. Providing a healthy glow on the complexion diminishes the signs of aging. Women get fine lines, and sagging skin earlier than women.

Since women’s makeup has been an acceptable product line for decades, there are more products that are geared toward women. Men have access to some great products made for their skin, but there are fewer, quality brands to choose from.

Note: there are a few products and practices that will help both sexes. If you are looking at a brand that tells you it is perfect for both males and females in all areas, be cautious.

Tips that make the skin of both sexes stay healthy.

The following tips are common sense tips that will help your skin healthy. These are not miracle products that claim to be the holy grail of skincare. As you will see, these tips are healthy choices that are the foundation that works before you ever apply a product.

●     Never sleep in makeup

It doesn’t matter how late it is or how tired you are. Curling up in bed with makeup on is not good. Makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells go deep into your pores. The deeper it is embedded, the more likely you are to have an acne flare-up. While you sleep you are rubbing all that stuff on your pillow. This means, for several days you get to visit it in your sleep.

●     Drink more water

Skin cells are made up of water. Without adequate water, the skin will be dry, flakey, and pale. It is recommended that adults drink a minimum of eight, 8-ounce (226.80 g) of water per day.

●     Work out more

Exercise is good for all parts of the body. Your body produces more serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and less cortisol (stress hormone) this means, working out lifts your mood while it is toning your body. The act of sweating clears out the pores. This leads to fewer breakouts.

●     Step away from the junk food

Dermatologists agree, eating carbohydrates, sugar, and fat has a direct effect on your skin. The reason why is complicated, but basically, carbs and sugar break down collagen. That speeds up the signs of aging. Your skin will look dull, and the abundance of oil in your body will cause some nasty pimples that are hard to get rid of unless you stop eating junk food.


It is an exciting time in the world of cosmetics. Never before have there been so many quality products available. More cosmetic companies are opening up the beauty industry to men. Fashion is leaning toward gender-neutral styles. Companies are rushing to include men specific products in their product line. By following these basic tips, you are laying a foundation for flawless skin. People may not agree on the history that brought us here. But, we will embrace this time of change.

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