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The perfect makeup look that you can wear to the gym

Ready to look like a true boss babe in the gym? Here’s how to look feminine and sporty while having your face on for hours!

Are you someone who likes to do their makeup whenever you leave the house? Does this rule apply to the gym as well? Women of all ages can do their makeup when heading out to the gym. However, there are certain rules that you should follow and obey if you want to enjoy long-lasting looks. Keep on reading and find out how to do your makeup when going to the gym.

Top 4 steps

1. Matte foundation

A matte foundation is the best go-to for oily skin types. However, this foundation will also suit you if you’re headed to the gym. It will keep your oils and your sweat at bay due to its mattifying texture. Stick to something medium coverage since it is the best kind for your gym wear.

2. Go for lash extensions

Go for lash extensions

Lash extensions will survive heavy sweating, unlike your eyeliner or mascara. Lash extensions are the best go-to if you’re trying to emphasize your eye shape and your eye color. Get yourself a set that is wispy and not too long since it will make most eyes pop and look feminine. You will have these on for 3 weeks straight and you will love them for trips or getaways as well.

3. Fill in your eyebrows

Your brows should look bushy and natural for the gym. You should fill them in with the most basic yet matte and waterproof eyebrow pencil. Draw them in and fill out little gaps to get the perfect coverage level. You could use one shade lighter than the color of your natural hair to get the prettiest outcome.

4. Set your face

Set your face

Last, but not least, set your face in place and lock in your makeup. Use a mattifying spray and spritz it 3-4 times over your face. This will ensure that everything stays in place and under control for hours, no matter the workout that you end up doing! You can box, swim, run, or do cardio, your makeup will stay bulletproof!

Ready to go to the gym?

Are you ready to look flawless for hours? Most women will love this makeup look for their gym wear. If you’re ready to look your best, why not also browse through these Fall essentials, and get the entire look under control:

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