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Fall Lipstick Colors

Top Three Must-Have Fall Lipstick Colors

Interested in wearing some of the prettiest and coolest lipstick shades for this Fall season? Here are our top three absolute favorites fall lipstick colors.

The Fall is here, which means that you will be playing with loads of different lipstick colors and textures. Ready to stay trendy and keep your eye out for the prettiest colors? Go to the nearest drugstore or mall and browse through some lip options. Here’s everything that will be trending this season!

1. Dark and glossy red

Dark and glossy red

Dark glossy red is a staple during Fall, but especially for the Halloween season. Are you into sexy and playful shades? This one can be worn by workaholic women who love to look well-put during their office hours. It will also look amazing once paired along with red nails. The best part about this lip color is that it can be worn by every woman, no matter her age.

2. Matte purple

Matte purple

Matte and highly-pigmented dark purple lipstick is an amazing choice for party animals, as well as teens. Matte purple lipsticks will make a statement, no matter where you go. You will enjoy wearing these if you’re out with your girls, throwing a birthday party, or clubbing! Pair your matte purple shade with some silver shadow and you will love this trend. You can also go for a dark matte purple shadow since it can look amazing once applied in the crease.

3. Goth brown

Goth brown

Last, but not least, why not give a mysterious dark brown color a chance? The so-called goth brown looks great on mature women, and especially women who are in their mid-thirties. This shade looks sophisticated and some women will dare and love to wear it to the office since it is so unique and different from your classical go-to nude for daytime wear. Pair your glossy or matte brown with an amazing brown scarf or leather boots and embrace the sensual vibe of this color!

Ready for Fall lipsticks?

Are you ready to wear some of these gorgeous shades? Let us know which one is your absolute favorite! Meanwhile, learn how to dress up for the Fall season right here:

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