Guide To Buy The Best Video Games In 2019

Video games

Video games in 2019

Are you one of those who expects every launch of the video game industry with the same expectation that other people expect the next season of a television series? Here’s a look at the Top 10 most relevant video games this year. We include titles that are already available on the market, but also several 2019 high caliber video games that are about to land on consoles and PCs.

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    1 God of War

The most iconic PlayStation action franchise returned this year with a title that automatically became one of the most important 2018 games. ‘ God of War ‘ was reinvented. To begin with, Kratos is not alone on this occasion: his son Atreus accompanies him throughout the adventure. Moreover, Greek mythology has fallen behind, and now the Demigod must defeat several deities of Norse mythology.

The gameplay has also been remade from scratch, and the fighting is now deeper and more strategic, so the classic camera was changed with Zenithal perspective by one located behind Kratos ‘ backs.